Modesty and style are important so we give focus on the worshiping, not us, and still come across as relevant to our culture and the people we are leading.  Read up on modern styles and balance them with classic pieces.


In addition to all the elements included in the general “Adult Choir and Orchestra Dress Code” guide, please see the following. Please note, there are some exceptions to the general guidelines notated by "*" below.


If you are ever unsure about an item, bring it and Christi Domingue can tell you if it can work for the next time.


Standard Elements to Remember or Include:

Layers are encouraged.  Scarf, vest, sweater, leggings, jackets, pocket square, etc.

Look to websites such as Pinterest, Banana Republic, etc. for ideas.

Consider sleeve and skirt length.  Sleeveless and capped sleeves are not allowed.  Skirts should be knee-length.​  Remember you    are standing 4'-5' above the congregation so when in doubt, go longer.

Fabric should be thick enough so backlighting doesn't reveal any silhouette.

Before you finalize an outfit for a service, be sure to do a final worship check.  Raise your arms as high as you can and swing them in all directions.  Look in the mirror and check yourself from all angles - make sure you are not revealing anything inappropriate.  Kneel down and check to see if the back of your pants comes too low or uncovers anything.  Also, if you lean forward, see if your shirt reveals anything.

Accessory Closet

We offer a closet with necklaces, ties, pocket squares, scarves, jackets, coats, etc.  

If there is a color palette you do not own, you are welcome to wear all black or black/gray and add an accessory from the closet.

Click Here For The Praise Team Pinterest Page - IDEA CENTRAL