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Our vision is to “develop worshippers who impact the world around them.”


We believe worship is a lifestyle response to a holy, omnipotent God. Praise

is declaring what God has done, is doing, and will do.  Worship is declaring

who God is.


We have an awesome responsibility: we are more than just musicians - we are

worship leaders.  The expressions on our faces and the enthusiasm we show

will inspire the congregation to begin to praise God and enter into an expression

of worship and a demonstration of praise.  There is power in corporate worship. 

When God’s people begin to praise and worship, the Lord can move in a mighty way!



  1. Minister to God through a lifestyle of obedience (both on and off stage) to His Word and through the music we sing and play while facilitating the Church’s ministry to God (Psalm 101:6).

  2. Declare what God has done, is doing, and will do in the hearts of all who come into His presence (2 Corinthians 5:18-19).

  3. Prepare the grounds of people’s hearts for the seed of God’s Word (Hosea 10:11).

  4. Lead people into the life-changing presence of God through our example of worship and praise (Psalm 22:3).

  5. Live a life of worship before God (Romans 12:1).





Understanding the foundations of true worship, we commit to furthering our knowledge of these foundations.  God desires to see a heart that follows Him, and we commit to worshiping Him not only with our instruments and voices, but also with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength.  Worship is a lifestyle, not an event, and we want our lives to be a living sacrifice for Him.



We commit to continuing our pursuit of Christ-likeness through many means including the following:


Prayer  |  We will pray for our worship ministry family, our leaders and pastors, and our church body.  We will pray for the services each week and come to rehearsals and events spiritually prepared to lead people into the presence of the Living God.


Private Worship  |  We are committed to worship in our quiet time and will live a life of worship everywhere we go.


Bible Reading  |  We will commit to read God’s Word on a regular basis.


Bible Study  |  We want to know Him more and commit to studying the Bible with consistency and passion, as well as being an active member of a CF Life Group.


Christ-likeness  |  We realize He has called us to a life that will reflect His likeness, and we commit to allowing His Holy Spirit to lead us into a lifestyle of sanctification and separation from the things of this world that could contaminate our spirit and body.


Tithes and Offerings  |  We commit to returning the Lord’s tithe and to honor God with our financial offerings throughout the year.


God has blessed us with the opportunity to serve Him using the gifts and talents He has given to us.  We commit to continuing our pursuit of excellence through many means including the following:


Practice  |  We commit to at least one hour of practice and playing/singing through all songs within 24 hours of our scheduled service.


Play  |  We will strive to play/sing all songs exactly as posted.


Prepare  |  We will be ready to rehearse and in position before all scheduled rehearsals as well as service times.


Positive  |  We will be prepared to make any changes to the arrangements and production of all songs on the song list and will be willing to work with all music/vocal directors while exhibiting a helpful and positive attitude.


Participation  |  We commit to attending all required vocal and stage coaching classes.



We see the value in nurturing a healthy relationship with all members of Champion Forest Worship Ministry through small groups and other personal relationships.  We commit to love, value, respect, and protect those we serve through many means including the following:


Trust  |  We commit to trust others within healthy boundaries while believing the best motives.


Encouragement  |  We commit to affirm, build, and encourage others.


Resolution  |  We commit to resolve conflict with forgiveness and reconciliation.


Unity  |  We commit to walk in unity with grace and truth.


Accountability  |  We commit to being accountable to others that we might produce fruitful returns.


Fun  |  We commit to having fun as a team and family.



Come prepared spiritually.  Come in tune with God.  Ask Him what His heart is so when we come together we can move as a unified team.  Take time to seek Him before you come.


You’ll find the song lists posted on generally a few days in advance.  When you are scheduled to sing in a service, click the links to listen to the audio recordings and view the sheet music.  We do not provide hard copies of sheet music at the service or rehearsal, so you will want to print them out and bring your own copies or tablet with you.


Commit to at least one hour of practicing and PRAYING through all songs within 24 hours of your scheduled service or rehearsal.


Strive to play/sing all songs exactly as posted and commit to memory all music so that you will not be dependent on charts during the service.

Bring your own headphones to venues using In-Ear monitors.  Many quality options are now on Amazon. 



Be ready to rehearse and be in position several minutes before all scheduled rehearsal and service times (call times and locations will be posted in your PCO plan - please be prepared and in place before call time).


Be prepared to make any changes to arrangements and production of all songs on the list and be willing to work with all music/vocal directors while exhibiting a helpful and positive attitude.


Rehearsal time before service is a band and vocal run-through - not a time to learn the music for the first time.  Prepare beforehand so our soundcheck and rehearsal times are a success.


Body language is a huge form of communication.  We all know what it is like to say one thing when our body is actually saying another.


When you are on the platform, your presence is as important as your musicianship.


Your platform presence is simply an outward expression of what is happening inside your heart.


Determine to communicate your heart as effectively as you can through your body.


At times, a leader may come to you and ask you to adjust something with your platform presence.  For instance, you may be asked to open your eyes more in the worship service or move around in your area a bit more.  When you are asked to modify something, please do so cheerfully.  Your leaders really care about you and want you to look your best.


Tips for Better Platform Presence


Look in the mirror and watch what you look like - jump, clap, bow, dance, raise your hands, be engaging.  If something appears awkward, adjust to make sure you are communicating what you want to communicate.


Do not let the congregation determine your level of expression.  Sometimes they will not be engaged in worship.  As leaders, we always need to be engaged.  Show them an example of how to express worship.  Most of the time, they simply need to see worship in order to learn how to express it on their own.


Be sincere.  Worship from your heart.  Give a warm smile from within.  We are leading people from all different circumstances, so remember that warm smiles minister more than you realize.


Vocalists - when you are singing, have the microphone to your face but don’t block it.  When there is a long period of time in which you are not singing into the microphone, move it away from your face but still continue to sing and worship.  Stay engaged at all times.

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