The platform is the most visible place in the church. As leaders on the platform, the things we wear need to be considered very closely. Itʼs important to remember that modesty is the key. We want our clothes to represent who we are, but also who we are in Christ.


MEN/WOMEN General (all services)

  • Modesty and style are important so we give focus on the worshipping, not us, and still come across as relevant to our culture and the people we are leading. Read up on modern styles and balance them with classic pieces.

  • If you are ever unsure about an item, bring it and Christi Domingue, Assistant to the Worship Pastor, can tell you if it can work for the next time.

  • Before you finalize an outfit for a service, be sure to do a final worship check. Raise your

    arms as high as you can and swing them in all directions. Look in the mirror and check yourself from all angles - make sure you are not revealing anything inappropriate. Kneel down and check to see if the back of your pants comes too low or uncovers anything. Also, if you lean forward, see if your shirt reveals anything.

    Weekend & Special Events

  • Generally, attire is dressy. We want to wear our best and give a good representation. We want to be one step dressier than the congregation. Modesty and style are important so we give focus on the worshipping, not us, and still come across as relevant to our culture and the people we are leading.

  • Solids generally look better in the choir, please try to avoid large patterns.


Specifics for Men (Weekends & Special Events)

Top Half

  • No t-shirts.

  • No short-sleeved dress shirts without a jacket over them.

  • Make sure your shirt is buttoned at an appropriate place. 


Bottom Half​​​

  • Wear dress shoes of a matching or complimentary color to the outfit.

  • No hats of any kind.


Specifics for Women (Weekends & Special Events)

Top Half​

  • Your neckline should be no more than the span of 4-finger width from your collarbone.

  • Be careful not to buy shirts and/or jackets that bring the focus to the chest.

  • No shirts that are tight and tightly cup under the chest.

  • Try to avoid sleeveless and capped sleeves.

  • No t-shirts unless they are dressy and under a jacket.

  • Waistline - no skin around the midriff.

  • Keep jewelry simple. Make sure that with movement, the pieces donʼt cause any unnecessary noise or weird movement.

  • TEST - Raise your arms straight up. You should have several inches of shirt past your pants. If ever in doubt, wear a tank top underneath your top to make sure that when you raise your hands there isnʼt a lot of movement.


Bottom Half

  • Skirts should come below the knee or lower.

  • Skirts must not be see-through. Wear a slip or pants underneath it thereʼs a chance it

    can show light through.

  • Dresses should come to mid-knee or below.

  • Make sure that the dress is not see-through with light shining though. If any chance or

    doubt, wear pants underneath.

  • Shoes should be appropriate to the outfit. Make sure that you are able to move freely in

    worship. We suggest breaking in heels before a weekend service.