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Mission's Banquet 2021 WoW Songs

3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade WoW will be singing at the MISSIONS BANQUET,  THIS SUNDAY NIGHT, Sunday, October 24th.  We will wear our WoW shirt and Blue Jeans. We will have a few for sale Sunday night but if you don't have one you can also wear a royal blue or dark shirt.  

PLEASE ARRIVE in the FLC Worship Center by 5 pm and we will go on stage to rehearse with the band and students at the time. Kids will be done around 7:15 pm.  If you are picking them up after they sing they will be at the FLC entrance under the porch.  If you are staying for the program which is over at 8 pm, please make sure they know where you are sitting so they can join you once they are done singing. 

Kids who are singing will get PIZZA before the program. If your family or friends would like to eat dinner at the banquet, make sure you purchase tickets through the link below or at the mission’s booth on Sunday. Everyone is invited to attend the program whether they eat or not.

We are singing.....

  • "I Thank God" by Maverick City with the Students (No Bridge)
  • "God So Loved" by We The Kingdom (Whole Song)
  • "Power" Seeds Family (All choir sings choruses and we have solos on the verses)

I Thank God (Transposed to A)
God So Loved (Bb)
Power with Mrs. Beth Demo Vocal (1)
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