How to Record Your Virtual Choir Video

EVERYONE is invited to participate!  Adults, Kids, Husbands, Wives....
Please submit your video no later than MARCH 31st.

Follow ALL instructions on the playback video...including the CLAP!

DON'T WORRY ABOUT HOW YOU SOUND!  We promise, no one will be embarrassed or too loud!

If you have problems, we will work through this together in Wednesday night choir rehearsal....

Demo: TWO phones
Demo: Computer

How to shoot your video: 

You will need:

  1. something to playback (computer, tablet, or phone) AND 

  2. something to record (computer, tablet, or phone).

  3. headphones

* NOTE:  if you use a computer you may be able to use the same device to playback and record. (Quicktime for mac and Camera for PC)

Open this video on your playback device.




Set your recording device up with a shot that looks something like this… 




* Note: pay attention to your lighting. you want more light in front of you than behind you. You might want to face a window for natural light.

Once you’re ready to go, hit record on your recording device first, then hit play on the playback device. When prompted, clap your hands once! This allows our media team to get everyone’s video in sync! Then. . . give us a BIG CLAP. . . and SING!

Once you have finished, save your video if you’re using a computer, and click below to upload and send!